Anna, Year 13

  • Sculpture
  • 950(w) 200(h) 950(d) mm

Through this work, I aimed to experiment with new modes of working with materials and structures and to express the joy of relating and attending to materials. Somewhat inspired by the works of Lygia Pape and philosopher Graham Harman, my works aim to investigate the interaction between materials, variation between structures, and show wholeness as more than a sum of parts. Each of the smaller components are created as an epiphany or to represent a distinct thought relating to the process of creation and are used to subvert conventions about the way in which a material should be used. I was also interested in creating a work which was sensitive to the vast amounts of waste material and energy losses created through the process of ceramic sculpture. This resulted in a work which is comprised of small, often unfired clay units, reworking older pieces into new ones.