Ella, Year 11

  • Painting
  • Oil paint on board
  • A2 portrait

Inspired by the theme of 'Light and Dark', I explored the interaction between material surfaces and light sources through studying drapery. After seeing Michael Buthe’s ‘White Painting’, in which cotton cloth is used to catch the light and produce shadows, I began my own experiments to produce a piece in response to this. To begin, I researched into the drapery sketches of Leonardo da Vinci, studying the technique and fabric arrangements, before creating my own drawings, predominantly through the mediums of (white and black) chalk and graphite pencil. The final composition takes inspiration from the more modern, work of Alison Dunlop and Alison Watt – similarly to their paintings, the light is essential to how my painting is viewed as it brings definition to the details of the folds and creases.