Self-Portrait with Mask

Grace, Year 13

  • Mixed media
  • Acrylic paint and 3d pen on board
  • 760(w) 630(h) 3(d) mm

“I have always found myself drawn to work dealing with whimsical ideas and fantasy- as I use them as forms of escapism and relaxation from reality to my dream world. The more extreme, impossible and melodramatic an artist’s work is the easier it is for me to relate it. On the other hand, I have a love for confident usage of colour and bold, expressive mark-making. The subject matter of this piece excited me as the mystery of the masked figure created an ambiguous narrative that would greatly impact and leave the viewers of my work questioning the story and suggested meanings and themes in my piece.”

Note: Our Year 13 student Grace passed away on 23rd Feb 2019. Her family and school community would like to celebrate her artistic achievements by submitting her work for this exhibition.