Abi, Year 13

  • Textile
  • Spool knitting, 3d shibori, silk cocoon, wire manipulation, french knotting, soldering
  • 500(w) 2300(h) 400(d) mm

I have a fascination within pathogenic forms and their ability to cause destruction. Inspired by conceptual artist, Katie Lewis, she adopted the use of accumulation to build an overwhelming sense of attraction. This opposes the idea of repulsion achieved through the symbolism of the piece - it resembles suffocation as a result of pathogenic cells overriding the body. Katya Usvitsky also inspired the incorporation of soft media to juxtapose the harsh consequences of disease, as well as the neutral colour palette indicating a similarity to skin, which acts as a physical barrier protecting the body. Hanging the sculpture references the idea of weight and suffocation that strains the host organism. Finally, the ‘chaotic’ composition echoes an interpretation of disease mirroring the uncontrollable division of pathogenic cells.