Ellie, Year 13

  • Mixed media
  • A3 landscape

This mixed medium photograph was produced as part of my series Matches as part of my A-level coursework. The photographs were taken and constructed as a platform for discussing my prolonged relationship with my mental health. Making these photographs allowed me to cope and manage my experiences positively as well as reflect on the developments that I have made in my life, rather than shutting the past away. Each of the photographs are either colour film or digital photographs that have been printed to fit into each of the vintage tins. The tins and photographs have been immersed in wax, then soil, butterflies and bugs, teeth and hair have been added. The contrasting materials, resembling delicacy, fragility and pain corelate to harmoniously discuss my experiences and emotions. Words and sentences have been engraved into the wax to create emphasis on the context that I explored.