From a galaxy of aliens to a super massive shoe, the artists featured in this year’s Young Artists’ Summer Show have made incredibly inspiring artworks, even during this difficult time. Our expert judges sifted through nearly 18,000 submissions, a record number, to select 392 artworks now displayed online. Made by young artists aged 5–19 and from across the UK and beyond, our online exhibition is full of humour, humanity, insight and innocence.

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Eva, Year 5, views her work at the Royal Academy.

We’re back! Now on free display at the RA

Want to be dazzled by the talent of young artists? Mask up and head to Mayfair to see a selection of nearly 400 artworks, now on free display at the RA until 10 January 2021. Curated by Cathie Pilkington RA, artist and Keeper of the RA Schools, come explore some of the drawings, paintings, photographs, video and sculpture chosen for the Young Artists’ Summer Show.

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